We want to inspire you to celebrate being a woman...

Dress Me Kate was created to help women celebrate themselves and to inspire them to embrace a more modern approach to fashion.

Our goal is to inspire “women of a certain age and shape” to embrace an ageless attitude and adopt a more youthful and confident outlook on life.

The world in now seeing the fashion confidence of older women and the fact that we are no longer living with the blue rinse, fluffy slipper image of our mothers and aunts.

Curvy women in their 40’s, 50’s and older are suddenly being chosen for major ad campaigns and major film roles.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not setting you up for a career in front of the camera but anything is possible if you want it to be. The wiser woman is finally being celebrated especially the curvy one’s amongst us.

Dress Me Kate’s mission is to create a place you can visit from the comfort of your loungeroom and at select styling showings, where you can explore fashion specifically designed to help you feel stylish, elegant and even seductive.

Most of us are fed up with pushy saleswomen in brightly lit boutiques selling us whatever almost fits us.

As Dress me Kate expands, we will cover beauty, health, wellness and travel for you all.

Kate’s mission is to show you how to wear clothes with confidence. We will show you styles and colours which suit you and your shape and give you the skills to add splashes of colour to get the wow factor.

Kate says “ Don’t just turn up…Arrive!” and she will show you how.

Hetti (aka Kate) is single but no longer unattached. Salsa lessons are still on her bucket list but skydiving and living in Italy are now ticked off. She has five fish in the backyard pond, a house full of eclectic fabric and colour, a soulmate who is cheering her on, a son who sometimes helps with her IT issues and a daughter who encourages her be the wildest, brightest being she can be and Hetti plans to be a great role model for her gorgeous grandchildren.


"Today, at 60 something, it is still a rare day when I am not stopped by a stranger complimenting me on my outfit and the colour of it, asking where they can buy something that I’m wearing. It is really flattering to be noticed by complete strangers, male and female, of all ages. It reinforces my belief that style is much more than just what we wear, it’s an attitude.

I love the quote “Elegance is an Attitude” ( Longines )

Fashion can be bought but style comes from inside...I want to show you, through fashion, how to feel stylish and great in your skin

I’ve always thought that as we get older (or is it wiser?), it’s important to have a signature style that is modern, fashionable and most importantly, still turns heads. If fashion has the power to do that, I’m happy to grow old, especially if I can do it looking and feeling great.

My heart still skips a beat when I see an outfit I love.

At the urging of friends and strangers, I have launched Dress Me Kate so I can share my fashion secrets and designs, particularly with curvy women who want to look stylish and feel great. A lot of women fear aging, so I wanted to present designs and encourage women to continue to look and feel beautiful as they age.

After all, beauty is ageless when worn with confidence."

Kate ♥

#beingawoman #stylishcurves #relaxinyourskin #elegantfashionforolderwomen #beingawomenisempowering

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