How it all started...

I come from a long line of seamstresses in New Zealand and have always loved experimenting with fabrics and patterns to come up with my own unique designs.

My passion for sewing started on an old treadle Singer machine which my grandmother gave me.

We set it up in my cubby house and I couldn’t wait to get home from school so I could go and make another outfit for one of my dolls.

Of course, I progressed to Mums electric Singer sewing machine and then my very own Bernina making most of my own clothes including a kilt, an overcoat and many long evening dresses. In the season, we went to many Balls so I was always designing and making a new evening gown.

I moved to Sydney in the early 70’s -

I would often get up in the morning and make a new outfit to wear to work that day.

My love of fabrics, colour and texture lead me to Soft Furnishings and I started my own Interior Decorating business in Sydney in the late 70’s.

I am still decorating and many of my clients are calling me for yet another home interior transformation.

My long career in fabrics was born from my passion to create unique designs with beautiful colours and textures.

I have done it in homes and offices and now I’m doing it for Curvy Women just like you.

Kate ♥

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